Transwords' Areas of Expertise
Our experience covers a wide range of industrial areas.
Main types of documents

Academic papers

Research documents

Survey reports

News articles

Regulatory documents

Planning documents


Instruction manuals

Patent specifications

We are versed in the following areas of energy and resources.
Nuclear power

●Nuclear fuel refinement, conversion,enrichment, processing, reprocessing ●Treatment of liquid waste containing radioactive material ●Radioactive waste treatment and disposal ●Construction, operation, maintenance, and decommissioning of nuclear facilities ●Use of and protection from radiation,and decontamination ●Patent specifications related to nuclear energy

Other energy sources and natural resources

●Rare metal ●Geology, petrology, mineralogy, economic geology ●Oil, natural gas, other underground resources ●Hydrogen energy, fuel cells ●Biomass (gasification power generation, in particular) ●Solar power, wind power, and geothermal power generation


●Waste reduction ●Waste reuse and recycling ●Soil contamination and cleanup (heavy metal contamination, in particular) ●Detoxification of hazardous substances by physical and chemical means ●Technologies to measure and analyze various materials ●Natural disasters and disaster prevention methods ●Life cycle assessment,environmental assessment

Other industrial areas

●Semiconductor and other electronic parts ●Machine tools ●Automotive ●Steel

Example project

Publication of Japanese translation of Radwaste Solutions, a specialty magazine covering radioactive waste
management, under an agreement with the American Nuclear Society

We are experienced in many other areas. Please feel free to contact us.
English Editing

We will edit your scientific papers or the like through collaboration between a native English speaker
and a Japanese specialist having a Ph.D. in Science or Engineering.

Proofreading by Japanese specialist
(Ph.D. in Science or Engineering)
Editing by native English speaker

According to the client's wishes, we can either correct only grammatic errors
or thoroughly edit English text by reading corresponding Japanese text.

Areas most frequently dealt with

・Architectural engineering ・Civil engineering ・Structural design ・Earthquake-, wind-, and snow-resistantconstruction ・Urban planning


・Mechanical engineering ・Heat engine ・Optical apparatus ・Medical equipment


・Transport engineering ・Automobile ・Railway ・Ship ・Aircraft, rocket


・Electrical engineering ・Power engineering ・Electronics ・Electric communication

Nuclear energy

・Nuclear engineering ・Nuclear reactor ・Nuclear fuel ・Isotope, radiation ・Waste treatment and disposal


・Chemical engineering ・Chemical reaction, catalyst ・Photochemistry, radiation chemistry ・Analytical chemistry ・Polymer chemistry

Metal, mining

・Metal engineering ・Mining engineering ・Steel ・Nonferrous metal ・Oil, natural gas, coal

Earth science

・Geophysical exploration ・Weather, climate ・Seismology, volcanology ・Oceanology, limnology ・Geology, geomorphology ・Petrology, mineralogy, economic geology


・Control engineering ・Ergonomics ・Data processing, computer ・Simulation ・Measurement, instruments ・Industrial material, materials testing

・Vibration engineering, acoustic engineering ・Process control, quality control ・Industrial accident, disaster prevention ・Environmental measures ・Standardization

Other areas

・Physics ・Mathematics ・Biology ・Agriculture, forestry, fishery ・Anthropology ・Psychology

・Medicine ・Pharmacy

English  Japanese
2,500 to 3,500 yen (excluding tax)
per 400 characters in translated text
Japanese  English
5,000 to 7,000 yen (excluding tax)
per 200 words in translated text
English proofreading only
1,800 to 3,000 yen (excluding tax)
per 200 words in original text

Please contact us for languages other than English and Japanese.
Prices depend on the required level of expertise, delivery period, necessity of layout work, and other client requirements.
Please contact us for free estimates and questions.
Note As a general rule, our services are intended exclusive for corporate and public institution clients.
Period and Form of Delivery
The delivery period depends on the nature of the text and the schedule of the translator most suited for the task. Please inquire for specific cases.
Our typical throughput is 1000 words per business day. A longer delivery period would help us secure the best suited translator.
In the case of a volume project, it is possible to shorten the delivery period by assigning multiple translators to divided project segments.
Document forms

●Hard copy





We also support projects involving web design and web system development.
Guarantee We carefully handle the information supplied by our clients and take all possible measures to ensure confidentiality.
As per the client's request, we will sign a confidentiality agreement or oath at the time of contract formation and will securely manage technical information and personal/corporate information.
Transwords is recruiting freelance Japanese-to-English translators in the fields of energy (nuclear power, in particular), natural resources, and the environment; and freelance English-to-Japanese translators for translating news articles related to nuclear power.
The recruitment will be based on examining application documents and trial results. We hope to work with translators who pay meticulous attention to detail.