Contributing to Society through Words

Extensive Record of Translation
Nuclear power

●Nuclear fuel refinement, conversion, enrichment,processing, reprocessing ●Treatment of liquid waste containing radioactive material ●Radioactive waste treatment and disposal

Other energy sources
and natural resources

●Rare metal ●Geology, petrology, mineralogy, economic geology ●Oil, natural gas, other underground resources ●Hydrogen energy, fuel cells


●Waste reduction ●Waste reuse and recycling ●Soil contamination and cleanup (heavy metal contamination, in particular)

Other industrial areas

●Semiconductor and other electronic parts ●Machine tools ●Automotive ●Steel

We translate technical and regulatory documents on a regular basis.
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Dependable Scheme
Proofreading by Japanese
(Ph.D. in Science or Engineering)
Editing by native English
Strict confidentiality

English  Japanese
2,500 to 3,500 yen (excluding tax)
per 400 characters in translated text
Japanese  English
5,000 to 7,000 yen (excluding tax)
per 200 words in translated text
English proofreading only
1,800 to 3,000 yen (excluding tax)
per 200 words in original text

Prices depend on the required level of expertise, delivery period, and necessity of layout work.
Please contact us for free estimates and questions.

Transwords Co. Ltd., based in Sendai, Japan, is engaged in a wide range of technical translation and particularly experienced in energy and resources. We deal with a variety of documents including academic papers, research documents, survey reports, news articles, planning documents, specifications, instruction manuals and patent specifications. Ask us about any other fields of translation.

We edit our clients' scientific papers and other documents through collaboration between a native English speaker and a Japanese specialist having a Ph.D. in Science or Engineering. According to the client's wishes, we can either correct only grammatic errors or thoroughly edit English text by reading the corresponding Japanese text.

Prices depend on the required level of expertise, delivery period, necessity of layout work, and other client requirements. We also deal with language pairs other than English and Japanese. Please contact us for free estimates and questions.

We carefully handle information supplied by our clients and take all possible measures to ensure confidentiality. We will sign a confidentiality agreement or oath at the time of contract formation and securely manage technical, personal and corporate information.